Banks specialized in loan consolidation: who are they?

The bank credit union is a bank that specializes in the processing of renegotiation and debt restructuring files. Because of its knowledge of the market, it has a very different approach compared to conventional deposit banks.

The bank specialized in grouping of credits

The bank specialized in grouping of credits

As mentioned in the introduction, the bank specializing in loan consolidation is quite different from a deposit bank. Which is quite normal, because it is positioned in a market where the management of customer risk is higher. For example, a conventional bank believes that the indebtedness ratio of an individual or a household must not exceed 33% of the household income. to ensure controlled budget management.

For a bank deposit, past the thirty-three percent debt threshold it becomes risky, while a credit pool bank can go up to 50% household debt ratio provided to respect the different ratios receivability to validate borrower eligibility for the restructuring product. It should be noted that a loan consolidation file with a debt ratio after surrender of around 50%, must present a greater amount of living for each person. The rest to live is the sum that remains to live by individual after payment of the new monthly credit.

A bank of repurchase of credit is a bank as contrary to the banks of deposits, it does not propose to its customers the opening of a banking domiciliation with the payment of the monthly salary. His role is not managing money deposits.

Banks grouping credit: who are they?

Banks grouping credit: who are they?

The credit consolidation banks are partners with the intermediaries in banking operations and payment services (IOBSP), also known as broker, they distribute their bank loan redemption products to individuals and professionals. Their teams of credit analysts study on time, credit redemption files transmitted by the brokerage companies of their network.

Each institution is more or less a subsidiary of a large group. 

It is important to know that deposit banks know how to collect small loans with short amortization periods. Moreover, this type of internal loan is not considered a financial restructuring operation in the eyes of the banks specializing in the redemption of credits.

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