Consumer credit: slowdown in the decline in loans produced



 Consumer loans

 Consumer loans

It is granted during the first three months of 2010 amounted to 9.1 billion euros , or -3.7% compared to the corresponding quarter in 2009. The decline in the previous quarter, -5.3% in last quarter of 2009 and 16% in the third, continues.

Personal loans

Personal loans

 A loan granted during the first quarter of 2010 amount to 2.3 billion euros . With + 2.1% year- on-year, this is the first increase observed since autumn 2007. This improvement is significant because this rate was -8.5% and -24.7% in previous quarters.

Compared to the first quarter of 2009, loans allocated to the financing of new cars (conventional loans and call option leases) were up: + 11.3% , for an amount of 1.4 billion euros .

The loans earmarked for improving the habitat and equipment of the household registered a decline ( -6.6% ) which weakened compared to previous quarters (-18.2% each quarter).

As for revolving loans , with 3.4 billion euros , they are down 11.1% and thus contradict the improvement trend that was apparent in the two previous quarters (-8.6% and -15.3%).

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Consumer credit rate

Consumer credit rate

The best current consumer credit rate 0,40 12 15,000 € Compare credits conso Consumable purchasing capacity Simulation personal loan Calculation TAEG Consumer credit simulation

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