Loan for those in debt – how to take a loan when you are in debt?

Indebted persons who have problems with paying off their debts often find themselves on the list of debtors. Thus, they have limited possibilities to incur liabilities. They can, however, reach for a loan for indebted persons offered by some institutions.


A person can be said to be in debt when they take out a loan or a loan from a bank or loan company. However, the problem only arises when the obligations cease to be paid regularly. Of course, indebtedness may be the result of non-payment other than credit receivables, including alimony, electricity charges or telecommunications services.

A debtor who does not pay his debts goes to the register of debtors, while the result of arrears in loan repayment is a reduction in scoring at the Credit Information Bureau. Negative credit history for banks is information that they are dealing with an unreliable customer, which results in the inability to incur an additional liability.

People who need an injection of cash must then look for another alternative. The solution are loans for indebted persons without creditworthiness granted by the non-banking sector. Loan companies generally have a more liberal approach to those in debt and apply less stringent procedures than banks. However, it should be remembered that everything depends on internal guidelines and individual approach to the client.

Loan for very indebted – where to look?

Loan for very indebted - where to look?

Credit for indebted people is not easy, and sometimes impossible, to get in a bank. Banks, following the recommendations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, carefully determine the creditworthiness of a potential customer. In addition, they are restrictive about their revenues, and more precisely their sources, which means that they most often honor the employment contract.

Another factor banks pay attention to is credit history. The client is each time checked in BIK to determine his financial credibility, i.e. repayment timeliness or the number of liabilities held. Even the smallest debt in repayment can create a problem in obtaining another loan. The same is also true in the case of re-crediting.

Therefore, the loan for those in debt in BIK and KRD is difficult to take in the bank. In the search for a commitment, you should therefore refer to the non-banking sector. Loan companies are willing to grant loans to debtors with debt collectors or loans to debtors. Some of them additionally offer a loan for those in debt without BIK, but in their case additional conditions should be taken into account, including establishing a lien.

Obtaining a non-bank loan for the indebted is possible due to the fact that the law gives loan companies the freedom to determine their creditworthiness. The institutions operating on the market have developed their own procedures, some of which are equally restrictive and match the requirements of banks, while others have an extremely liberal approach.

Who can benefit from non-bank loans?

Who can benefit from non-bank loans?

Loan companies offer products targeted at a wide audience. A loan can be taken by almost any person or company. It is enough to be a citizen of the Republic of Poland, have an income that in many cases does not have to be documented and be over the age of 18.

The loans are used by people who care about time, they need a small amount for a short period of time, but above all they are readily used by people who have a negative credit history or appear in the registers of debtors.

What loan for those in debt?

What loan for those in debt?

Difficult loans for those in debt seem to be a specialty in the loan companies sector. Some of them specialize in granting liabilities to a person with a negative credit history and other clients with bailiff seizure. However, it should be remembered that each company is different and operates on a different basis, and the granting of the loan depends on the assessment of the institution or the client’s collateral. Even so, even loan companies are not willing to provide financing for high amounts. A potential customer can usually count on a loan of up to 25,000 zł.

To encourage the customer to take advantage of the offer, loan companies use catchy slogans, such as “loan for indebted debt online”, “loan for indebted debtors with bailiff”, “loans without debt for indebted” or “loans for indebted companies”. Although institutions inform you about simplified procedures and a quick withdrawal process, keep in mind that there is nothing for free. Loans for those in debt without certificates or loans for those in debt without capacity are usually more expensive than standard bank offers. Therefore, before we decide to make another commitment, it is worth considering whether it is absolutely necessary and what amount we can realistically pay back so as not to fall into a spiral of debt.

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